Making Moments Magical, an Unlikely Postpartum Story

Weight Loss As a society, we focus so much on losing weight. Skinny is the “norm” and Postpartum is no excuse. Right? What happens when it doesn’t just fall off? What happens when you look in the mirror and see someone 3 or 4 times the size you used to be? This is my story of making moments magical, part […]

How Bubbles Saved My Sanity This Week

This Week Has Been Wild Seriously, I thought my birthday signaled a sign of change, renewal, and that things would get easier. Wrong. So far all I’ve been dealing with is more parental chaos. However, I’m dealing with it differently than I was a year ago. A year ago I wouldn’t be able to follow through with easy activities like […]

Reflecting on Twenty-Six, Make Way for Twenty-Seven

Twenty-Six This year has been completely mind-blowing, fantastic, amazeballs, chaotic, heartwrenching, and filled with SO much growth. This past year I’ve gone from one career, LaVie Bebe, to finding my voice as a blogger. MommyCon has been a HUGE supporting role in my journey and I am more excited than ever about twenty-seven. See, next year is 2018. My favorite […]

MommyCon Orlando 2017 and a Change in Mindset

Moms Trip Must Haves When traveling with a friend for a Moms Trip you can either fly blind, plan down to the tee, or have a hybrid of both. This trip we chose a hybrid. We bought plane tickets, left transportation up in the air, and had a rough outline of our trip in hand. By putting less stress on […]

Just Take it One Thing at a Time….Right?

One Thing, One Day, One Moment Have you ever had a ton of stuff on your plate? Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about life because you are so busy? Then you finally have it under control, start talking about it, and someone swoops in and tells you, “It’ll be ok, just take it one thing at a time.” So annoying, right? […]

One Day at Disney, The Magic Fuels You Better Than Coffee

One Day at Disney We have one day to do Disney. One day to see it all, one day to find the magic, and one day to end completely exhausted. Did you know you can do all 4 parks at Disney in one day? My friend SarahLaine and I were originally going to take the challenge but seeing as that sounds […]

10 Tips for Toddler Rhythm

Tip 1: You don’t run their life. You don’t run their life, you guide it. Change your mindset from “they need to do what I say” to “how can I guide them to understand what I am asking” Toddler rhythm is just that it’s their rhythm. *This post contains affliliate links. If you choose to purchase using one of the […]

How to be a Chaos Momager, in 4 Easy Steps

Step One: Stop trying to juggle your life. Not everything is your responsibility. A true Chaos Momager knows when to ask for help and when things are too much. Communicate when you need help and accept the help offered. Let go of control and know that it’s ok to not finish your to-do list. The world isn’t going to stop […]

How to Have a Safe, Easy, and Fun Eclipse Day

It’s Solar Eclipse Day! We decided to stay home today and make some DIY fun of our own! Aka, I didn’t get the glasses and I wasn’t about to pay $15 for one pair. NOPE. So instead I got my homeschool mom hat on. I think today has been a success so far! It was nice to stay in our […]

What’s Your Parental Chaos Style?

Parenting is Hard No matter what you do you feel like you are failing at it, amirite? No matter what you may think, no one has it totally under control. Take me for example, I’m constantly feeling like I’m failing but I take the next moment to celebrate my mommin’. Handling this parental chaos thing is a process of growth, […]