Parenthood Positively Delayed my New Years Obsession

Why The New Years Obsession? People are so obsessed with the New Year, setting resolutions and goals. I can’t really talk because I have always been one to “tackle” the new year head on, then fail a few weeks later. That’s actually what I wanted to share with you all. Parenthood delayed my New Year’s obsession. Y’all, it’s almost February […]

It’s 2018, So Why Do We Care About The “Cool Kids Club”?

The “Cool Kids” Club Everywhere you go there are “cool kids” and then their underlings, right? You join a parent group and then get too scared to post because it seems like there is already cliques formed. Where do you fit in? Do you fit in? Let me tell you a secret, the “cool kids club” is just a myth. […]

Road Trip Tip One

We definitely learned this go round that kiddos need to run. They need to stretch their legs especially when you road trip during the day! Check out this cute video of one of our stops along the way!

Unboxing MommyCon’s I Love Food Mystery Box!

MommyCon Box The MommyCon Box is pretty exciting! If you haven’t heard of the MommyCon Shoppe yet, you need to go check them out. From patriarchy-smashing tees all the way to new products your kiddos will love, they have it all! This month, as part of their parent squad, we had the opportunity to try out the I Love Food […]

Thankful for YOU!

Thank you all so much for your support this year! If you are planning on holiday shopping please consider using our affiliate links. We get a small commission at no extra cost to you, thank you so much if you choose to support us! **The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if […]

MommyCon or Hyde [ Recap + Giveaway ]

Seriously…MommyCon or Hyde This post may get a little sappy so I apologize in advance! But, MommyCon isn’t coming back to Atlanta in 2018! I’m SO SAD but also SO EXCITED for Charlotte! Is that a thing? Can you be saxcited (sad-excited)? Well, that’s what I am even though MommyCon Atlanta 2017 was super fun! MommyCon Atlanta was literally MommyCon or […]

What to Expect at MommyCon Atlanta 2017

MommyCon Atlanta 2017 This coming weekend, October 28, 2017, is MommyCon Atlanta! I am stoked, to say the least that I have the opportunity to speak in my hometown about parental chaos. If you haven’t seen the schedule yet, you should check it out and then come see me at 9:30am. (Stay at Home Parent, Now What?) Seriously, though if you […]

You Say it’s Your Birthday? Celebrate at The Spa!

Yearly Birthday Shenanigans Each year my birthday comes an goes without a sound. As a child, I had ONE bad birthday party and swore off birthday parties forever! That is until this year. This year I celebrated with my friends over at Lavandula Skin Spa and Dirty Beauty. They treated my friends and me like the queens we are, plus […]

Sharing Our Reality with The World

This is Terrifying Why would you show the world all your vulnerability? For attention? For ridicule? Or simply because you believe that by sharing your reality you can inspire others? That’s my mission. To share my reality, mess and all, to show others that you aren’t alone. Social media paints a pretty picture but parental chaos ain’t always pretty. For […]