How Downsizing Made Me a Better Mom: 2018 Plans

Downsizing Have you heard of that new movie “Downsizing“? Well, we are in the thick of it, minus the actual shrinking of our bodies. Although I have lost a few pounds lately…check out my postpartum story when you have time! Anyways, we are in the thick of downsizing and selling our house. If you follow me on Instagram (my stories […]

Our Minimalist Easter Story | seeing the beauty in the raw

Our Minimalist Easter Story *Disclaimer, this Minimalist Easter story may contain affiliate links. If you do choose to purchase using them, know that we receive a small commission at no cost to you! Read more here. Holidays are always somewhat of a struggle for us because spending time with family is really important. With family local, we are always getting together […]

Latched Onto Tiny Living – post sponsored by Latch Time

Latched Onto Tiny Living A few weeks ago we attended United Tiny House – Georgia Tiny House Festival. Ever since then we have been latched onto tiny living in a big way. A big shout out to Latch Time for sponsoring this blog post and our trip to the festival. Their breastfeeding statement rompers are the cutest designs. I will talk more about the […]

Declutter and Destress {Step One to Minimalism}

Declutter and Destress {step one to minimalism} This declutter post may contain affiliate links, see our disclaimer for more info One of our biggest dreams for this year is to downsize to a Tiny Home! Exciting I know right? But before we can do anything we have to declutter and sell our current house. Then we can build a tiny […]

Becoming Thankful

Becoming Thankful One of the hardest things to do is to live through the eyes of a child. As a mom I am constantly amazed at how my son lives with a thankful heart and how much joy he has. I realize that sometimes I get caught up in #momlife that I forget to appreciate the things around me. Mad […]