Following My Dreams Sometimes Makes Me Puke

I’m Here Ya’ll, and my Dreams are Bigger Than Ever Ok, so I have been hella focused on Instagram, homeschooling, working with Charlie Banana, and The Hydeaway Community that I have been neglecting the blog. So, here I am and I’m ready to roll. A whole new me, a whole year older, and seeking wholeness in all aspects of my […]

Powering Through Day 1 – Postpartum Anxiety

Night or is it Day? It’s 11:50pm on Wednesday night, the day I went to the doctor. I don’t really know what to write about today that I didn’t write already. But, I guess I can sum up that I’m still awake because I’m scared. I’m scared to take Zoloft. There, I said it so now I can overcome it, […]

I Only Know How to Hustle

The Hustle As a kid I was bred to hustle. Hustle up on the ball field, to get in the car, to eat, and always stay busy. As an adult it is as if I cannot slow down. I thrive off the chaos and the hustle. The challenge to find solutions excites me, and basically I have no chill. But […]

Hustle or Hyde – What in the Fantasy World Does That Mean?

So, Hustle or Hyde, Right? Basically, yeah. Our goal is to create a life we don’t have to hide from. A life of sustainability, freedom, and togetherness. Our little Hydeaway where we can be our real selves, teach our children to embrace themselves while inspiring others along the way. If we have to sacrifice and hustle our way to making […]

Valentine’s Day: Remember The Love When Time Stood Still

When Did Time Stand Still? My friend’s over at The Time Necklace have created a product inspired by the times in your life that time stood still. Was it when you met your partner? What about when you held your baby in your arms for the first time? Life is all about celebrating and remembering the moments that matter the […]

Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia, Are you the #MEinEndo?

Battling Endometriosis It’s funny how sometimes life puts you exactly in the right place at the right time. That’s me with Endometriosis. For the longest time, I have thought I was alone in this pain-hell but little did I know just how bad it can be. Meeting with the women of Endometriosis Fighters of Georgia Inc. and hearing their stories […]

A New Year for a New Kind of Marriage

Marriage is Hard Seriously, is it easy for anyone out there? I mean, The Dudeman and I have been together for almost 8 years, but our marriage is coming up on year 4. These 8 years have been full of drama, love, chill times, hype times, and we have literally grown up together. See, we met in college and it […]

How Downsizing Made Me a Better Mom: 2018 Plans

Downsizing Have you heard of that new movie “Downsizing“? Well, we are in the thick of it, minus the actual shrinking of our bodies. Although I have lost a few pounds lately…check out my postpartum story when you have time! Anyways, we are in the thick of downsizing and selling our house. If you follow me on Instagram (my stories […]

Is Love Enough for a Strong Partnership?

The Word Love Commitment, touch, feelings, all of these things that feel like what love is supposed to be. Love, a four letter word that people throw around carelessly without actually proving it. We tend to love things more than people. I know that for me, I’m much better at caressing a soft, hot donut from Krispy Kreme than I […]

4 Things to Know When Traveling with Endometriosis

  Traveling with Endometriosis As I head to MommyCon Orlando this weekend I am counting and recounting my cycle days. Oh, it would be horrible if I got my cycle this weekend because we have Disney planned and MommyCon. Basically, it is a busy weekend, too busy to be traveling with Endometriosis. What I’ve found is that it is better […]