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How Bubbles Saved My Sanity This Week

This Week Has Been Wild

Seriously, I thought my birthday signaled a sign of change, renewal, and that things would get easier. Wrong. So far all I’ve been dealing with is more parental chaos. However, I’m dealing with it differently than I was a year ago. A year ago I wouldn’t be able to follow through with easy activities like bubbles. A year ago, I was a mess. Ok, a bigger mess than I am now.

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This week all started with a cut knee, a cut lip, and then came the vomit. Oh so much vomit. Kbebe had it first and it was gone rather quickly. I thought, awesome I’m nailing this parenting thing. So I went out with my ladies for my birthday Sunday, while I was there the unthinkable happened. The Sweetness started puking too. Cam had it under control and let me enjoy my time with my friends. But holy mom guilt batman, how can you relax when you know your baby is sick?

I felt awful but she let me off by just vomiting all over me for the next two days. I see what you are doing little girl. Seriously though, when the baby is sick it is the worst. Not to mention Cam got it as well. So super mom to the rescue.

Super Mom

Being supermom is just what you have to do when the whole family is down for the count. Bracing myself every time I felt a pain in my stomach for fear I was next, I powered through. I even pushed myself to sanitize the whole house before bed every night. I guess when I was reflecting on twenty-six I really was gearing up for this whole twenty-seven, the late twenties, take responsibility for your life thing.

Now what comes next is what threw me for a loop. I feel like I’ve failed my kids these past few years by not focusing on their moments. So as you know, I’ve forced my mindset to shift into making those moments matter. This week I could’ve just sat around making this sick day just another one full of movies but instead I put on that supermom status and popped over to Pinterest. (I mean all the greatest ideas are there.) Tonight before bed we did Bubble Foam!


Not just any old bubbles, bubble foam! I found this really cool, colorful bubble foam recipe from! It was super easy and the kids love helping me make it. Tonight I used Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash and it made the thickest foam ever! Get the recipe here:

Bubbles, Bubble Foam, Making Moments Matter

All of this to say that I easily could’ve let the parental chaos overtake me this week but I didn’t. I found a moment to make great and I went with it. The cleaning can wait until the night, the moments while they are awake are what matters the most.

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