Magical Mondays: Life Planning

Hey everyone, Bryttany here! Using crystals for aligning and supporting your life path through life planning is one way that I continue forward momentum in my life. I have a crystal grid above my bed that I use for dreaming and meditation. I also carry crystals with me and have several “altars” around my home.  For me, it is more […]

Following My Dreams Sometimes Makes Me Puke

I’m Here Ya’ll, and my Dreams are Bigger Than Ever Ok, so I have been hella focused on Instagram, homeschooling, working with Charlie Banana, and The Hydeaway Community that I have been neglecting the blog. So, here I am and I’m ready to roll. A whole new me, a whole year older, and seeking wholeness in all aspects of my […]

5 Tips for Creating a Summer Rhythm

Creating a Summer Rhythm Have you noticed that sometimes summer break can lead to chaos? That’s what it’s like in my house at least. Not having that routine of getting up, going to school, and then the evening rhythm. Summertime sometimes leads to overwhelming amounts of screen time in our house and I’m over it. This summer I want to […]

An Exciting Summer Full Of Life

Summertime This summer I want to focus on living! Living our lives out loud and pushing myself to hangout with people instead of hiding in my house. Yes, it’s going to be hot but it’s worth it. My kiddos love being with friends and doing things. So here we go, a summer full of life! Every day I want to […]

Days 2-4 on Zoloft – My Postpartum Anxiety Story

I Feel A Little Better and a Little Not Ok, I know it’s not an overnight fix but I do feel a little better. Granted, I’m writing this while laid in bed working from my computer, but I feel good. I need to go outside though, it’s strange to have the feeling of wanting to do something. For so long […]

Powering Through Day 1 – Postpartum Anxiety

Night or is it Day? It’s 11:50pm on Wednesday night, the day I went to the doctor. I don’t really know what to write about today that I didn’t write already. But, I guess I can sum up that I’m still awake because I’m scared. I’m scared to take Zoloft. There, I said it so now I can overcome it, […]

You Need To Know, You Aren’t Alone Postpartum

I’m Semi Ok Look, I’m all about hustling after what fulfills you. Every day hustle towards the light, but what happens when the darkness swoops in? What happens when you feel like nothing you do is right, no one cares, and you are wasting your life? The day I realized I wasn’t ok was shortly after, or maybe during, my […]

How We Make Our Summer More Than Fun

Sweet Summertime Every year I have been trying to find balance between fun and educational activities. I know that not everything needs to be learning but you can find learning everywhere! This summer we were gifted an opportunity to try Kindergarten Toolkit© and I am stoked! Not only will we have some guidance for adding some learning games but tools […]

Reclaiming My Life This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day a celebration of the mom you are in whatever way that may be. For me, I am reclaiming my life as the mother I am and the person I am. The mother I thought I was (or rather was trying to be) is gone and I’m making way for this fearless mother who isn’t afraid to […]

I’m a Bad Mom at Bedtime – A Threenager Story

Threenager Urban Dictionary describes the Threenager as a “three year old child spouting attitude like a spoiled teenager.” That is literally what we are dealing with lately with Kbebe. It’s like a light switched and his 3.5 year old self turned into a monster. Like the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story, his Hyde side is emerging and it is […]