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You Say it’s Your Birthday? Celebrate at The Spa!

Yearly Birthday Shenanigans

Each year my birthday comes an goes without a sound. As a child, I had ONE bad birthday party and swore off birthday parties forever! That is until this year. This year I celebrated with my friends over at Lavandula Skin Spa and Dirty Beauty. They treated my friends and me like the queens we are, plus we even got riches to take home with us.

Dirty Beauty Mix Lab Birthday

Ya’ll it was awesome! Walking through those doors to my personalized birthday party was simply magical. Seriously, they had my name and even face all over everything. From the flyers to even the cups, it was all branded, Bryttany’s Day Off. And, boy was it!

Lavandula Skin Spa and Dirty Beauty Mix Lab Birthday Party, Woodstock GA

Celebrate Yourself

For me, I had let one little girl ruin a lifetime of having fun and making lifelong friends. That little girl was me. If I could go back I would tell myself to shake it off. Let it go and just have fun. Go with the flow a little more because one day you will be in full on parental chaos and not have time for fun, amirite?

Women gathered around talking. Dirty Beauty, Lavandula Skin Spa, Spa Party, Birthday

But for real, this was more than just a spa day or birthday. It was a chance to connect with my friends and family while also experiencing some self-care. Lavandula Skin Spa is the perfect place to go. Becca puts care into her facials and makes you just feel completely relaxed. Then you get to switch it over to the Dirty Beauty Mix Lab for some fun creations with Samantha!

Creations Galore

We had the option of creating lipgloss, blush, or eyeshadow. I chose a foundation for myself because it was the one thing I needed and it’s my birthday so yeah. Anyways my guests had an equal split between custom lipgloss and blush. They made the most beautiful colors that fit them perfectly. I know that when I saw my friends come back from the Mix Lab they looked stunning! Bonus, it is all plant based too!

Custom Lipgloss Dirty Beauty Woodstock GA

The party did take a while so I do recommend talking with Samantha and Becca about your vision for your party. However, they do a great job with making your party feel perfect from start to finish. First, they sent out a questionnaire to discuss my party then when we got there my guests filled out forms under my name on the Dirty Beauty Website. (It was so cool that I had my own page!) Very professional way of setting up things from two amazing women.

Custom blush and other makeup at Dirty Beauty Mix Lab in Woodstock, Georgia.


Busy Life but Slow Down

So, my birthday was almost a month ago but I am still feeling the relaxation. What I mean is that once I left the party I had this renewed sense of self-care that I desperately needed. I decided to go to the beach with my father last minute. I mean seriously last minute, he told me Sunday and we left Tuesday. When I returned from the beach I almost went into social media hibernation. With the world crumbling down (donate to Puerto Rico please) and my own life falling to pieces it was nice to just sit in my life. This was the self-care that I need to incorporate more often. So, ladies at Lavandula and Dirty Beauty I’ll be coming for ya again soon!

Birthday Blessings From my Angels

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Birthday at Dirty Beauty's Mix Lab and facials by Lavandula Skin Spa. Located in Woodstock, GA. Jumpstarting my selfcare protocol.

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  • Samantha October 17, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Thank you for Celebrating your Birthday with us Bryttany! xoxoxo!


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