Alright 2017, Let’s Conquer These Goals!

Look, I am the worst at completing tasks. I will procrastinate until the last minute to do something, stay up late, and get up early to finish on time. I’m no spring chicken anymore, this mama can’t run on no sleep any more. Every year I tell myself that my resolutions will be conquered and they never are. This year I am taking a different approach and setting goals versus making resolutions.

Resolutions, only work when you are committed to making a change. You have to be steadfast and typically they do not allow for flexibility. Last year my goal was to get out of debt and declutter. Let’s just say this year those resolutions are still there. It is so hard to stick to ridged ideas of what the year “should” be.

Goals on the other hand can be more flexible while also giving the feeling of accomplishment. This year we are making BIG changes and setting BIG goals to achieve those dreams. Then we are breaking those goals down to quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily “do-ables.” Honestly this is my first time sitting down every day to set goals. It feels amazing!

The first step for me was to get a planner that made me feel good. Something new, exciting, and fun that will help me conquer my goals. I actually looked at a bunch of different ones before deciding on STARTplanner.  It is amazing how things happen. I won this planner in a giveaway on Instagram. I really loved it, it’s called the Hustle (I mean come on, NEED), but I just couldn’t justify purchasing one before the new year. When I won I just felt the universe saying, “Here, take this and achieve your dreams because it’s your time now.”


Filling out a planner is just one step towards conquering your goals. You have to truly work at them every day. Setting SMART goals is essential. SMART goals are ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Setting goals in this way and sticking to them is the best way that I have found to be successful.

Honestly the best part of it all is that my planner is fun and functional. The fun side makes me want to read it every day while the functional side pushes me to complete things. Now if I could just find where I left it…

What are your big dreams for 2017 and what SMART goals are you setting to help you conquer them?

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