2018 is Still Going, You Still Committed?

Is it Still 2018?

Yep, it’s still the new year and today (1/10/2018) is supposedly the day when most people give up on their resolutions. If you read my Fearless post you know that I chose a word of the year instead of a resolution. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals for the year, I definitely do and it’s hard to stay committed to them!

This year I want to grow my blog, be fearless, get healthy, and we are downsizing. So far, I’ve done ok with growing my blog. (read, I’m still posting even though I’m not ahead yet) Fearlessness is coming in waves, I just power through when I feel afraid to do/say something. Getting healthy, well, we are participating in Veganuary. So…that’s going…actually it’s going pretty well. I made this “cheese” sauce last night that was BOMB. Finally on my goals list is downsizing. It’s really happening and it’s terrifying.


Staying committed to something as big as downsizing is terrifying because what if it all falls apart? What if we get into the RV and change our mind? What if when shopping for RV’s we decide that a tiny house is better or find a rental house that fits our needs? I just love the freedom that living in an RV gives you. So why am I so scared to take a leap?

Leaping into Veganism has actually been a whole lot easier than letting go of stuff. I love vegetables, the kiddos do too, and being Vegan makes cooking a challenge! I love a good challenge and making vegan food that my husband will eat is totally just that. Like I said, the “cheese” sauce I made last night made him smile and go back for seconds. (WINNING) Now if I could just get my downsizing goals and vegan goals on the same page we would be good!

Moving Forward

What about you? Have you given up on your 2018 goals? I know that although things aren’t going 100% to plan it’s alright to change the plan. I’m sticking with my word of the year to fuel me through when I feel like running away. I can do this! We, as a family, can do this! It’s alright to be scared when changing your life but I’m not giving up. I’m staying committed to changing our lives for the better! I’ll be FEARLESS in 2018.

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Still 2018, are you still committed?

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