18 Tips for 2018 + Free Downloadable Reminder Sheet

Quick Tips for 2018

Download a reminder list at the end of this post to always keep these tips for 2018 on hand! Perfect addition to your 2018 planner or just hang by your mirror. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself that parenting is hard, adulting is harder, but making the most of the moments given are easy.

  1. Be Real -why hide who you really are?
  2. Be Intentional-change your focus in the new year.
  3. Focus on Family -how can you be a better parent?
  4. Focus on Your Self(ie) -how can you be a better you?
  5. Find Community- everyone needs a #MomFriend.
  6. Hustle Every Day -whatever it is you do, go hard every day
  7. Make Connections -reach out to people
  8. Be Brave and Fearless -whether it’s getting naked or just doing something that scares you. Just do it.
  9. Say Hello -say hello to people, you never know what a smile could do to change their day.
  10. Be More Forgiving -of yourself and of others.
  11. Find the Happy in Every Day -life is too short to be miserable all the time.
  12. Make Moments Magical -try to make the moments of your kids lives as memorable as possible.
  13. Know it’s Ok to Not “Have it Together” -um, yeah I’m working on this one myself.
  14. Breathe More, Yell Less -this one too.
  15. Choose Your Battles -you don’t always have to win everything or be the best.
  16. Silence Doesn’t Mean Silent -sometimes taking a step back in a situation speaks volumes more than announcing your silence.
  17. Embrace the Chaos -life is messy why not embrace it?
  18. Be Real -yep I put it on here twice, so what? It’s important!

Basically, It’s All Up to You

It’s up to you how your year goes. Resolutions, goals, words, it’s all talk until you make moves. Make actions, hustle your way to adulting/parenting, but remember to give yourself grace as well. No one is perfect and we should embrace the flaws, building each other up as we go. I’ll be elaborating on each of these tips throughout the month of January so stay tuned to get deep with me!

Happy New Year!

Which tip resonates with you the most? Can you elaborate on how you will incorporate these reminders into your 2018?

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