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Endometriosis Sucks and I Hate It

Posted on July 11, 2017

It’s Cycle Time Again Why? Why do I have to have this stupid Endometriosis? I hate it so much. I’m going to whine and complain about it because it seriously sucks. Endometriosis sucks! Ok, I’ll dial it back a little. If you have a menstrual cycle, pms, or just really bad cramps you sort of know what I mean. Some women are blessed with little to no pain during their cycle. Some, like me, are useless when it’s that timeRead More


Postpartum in Progress

Posted on June 8, 2017

Are any of you on a health journey? I’m on a life journey. Not only navigating this parental chaos but also finding myself again. This is my own postpartum progress, finding ME.

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